Connections Game: 2 Group Solve Strategy without Knowing any word


Here are the rules in a simple way:

In the Connections Puzzle Game, You’re given a grid of 16 words. Your job is to split them into 4 groups of 4 words each, with each group having a common theme. For example, if the words are ‘iguana,’ ‘monitor,’ ‘gecko,’ and ‘chameleon,’ the theme would be ‘lizards.’

You start by selecting 4 words from the 16. If these words belong to a set with a common theme, they are removed from the pool, and you continue with 12 words. When you make a second correct guess, you’re left with 8 words, and so on. If your selected words don’t form a set, it counts as a mistake. You can make 3 mistakes and still keep playing, but a 4th mistake ends the game.

Here’s an important detail about mistakes: If your guess includes 3 words from one set and 1 word from another, it’s still considered a mistake, but the game gives you a hint, saying ‘One away…’.

Now, onto the puzzle: Imagine you’ve made two correct guesses, and you’re left with 8 words that need to be divided into 2 sets, but you don’t know the connections. You also know there are only two sets left. Is there a strategy that guarantees you’ll win?

If there isn’t a guaranteed strategy, how many guesses would you need? The maximum number of guesses without considering hints is 70, but that doesn’t include the extra hints.

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(Just to be clear, I don’t know the answer. I’m hoping someone smarter can help with this.)


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