How to Play Hard Mode in Connections Game


Connections is The New York Times’ latest puzzle game. It’s all about sorting 16 words into four groups based on their hidden connections. The game starts fresh every day at midnight, and each day’s puzzle can vary in difficulty. Similar to Wordle, you can track your winning streak and see how you compare with your friends.

How to play Hard Mode Connections:

  • First of All, you can visit
  • Now you can see an Easy Hard and Medium Mode below the game.
  • Now select the Hard Mode now your Connections game changes to Hard Mode.

Now You’ll see a grid with 16 words, and your job is to organize these words into four sets of four by figuring out what links them. These connections can be things like titles of video game series, book sequels, shades of red, names of restaurant chains, and more.

  • Some words might seem like they could fit into multiple groups, but there’s only one correct answer. You can shuffle the words around to help you see the potential connections more clearly.
  • Each group is color-coded, with yellow being the easiest, followed by green, blue, and purple, which is the most challenging.
  • Select four words and click “Submit.” If you’re correct, those words will be removed from the grid, and the connection between them will be revealed. Make a wrong guess, and it’ll count as a mistake. You only get four mistakes before the game ends.

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“Connections”: The Story Of A Four Word Four Groups Game

If you’re having trouble with today’s puzzle, you can find hints and tips below. And if you’re really stuck, the answers will be provided at the end. Happy puzzling!


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