What is diffrence between Only Connect and Connections game NYT


The main difference between Only Connect and Connections is that Only Connect is a quiz show, while Connections is a puzzle game. Only Connect is played by two teams of three players, while Connections is played by one player at a time.

“Only Connect” and “Connections” (The New York Times’ game) have similarities in that they both involve finding connections between various elements, but they are different in their formats and where they are played:

Only Connect:

  1. TV Game Show: “Only Connect” is primarily a British television quiz show that has been airing since 2008. It is hosted by Victoria Coren Mitchell.
  2. Format: In “Only Connect,” teams of contestants are presented with sets of clues that seem unrelated at first glance. They need to figure out the hidden connections between these seemingly disparate clues to score points.
  3. Variety of Clues: The clues in “Only Connect” can vary widely, including wordplay, visual puzzles, and lateral thinking challenges. It’s known for its complex and creative puzzles.

In Only Connect, the teams are given a series of clues, which are groups of four related things. The teams must then identify the connection between the four things. For example, a clue might be:

  • A type of dog
  • A type of flower
  • A type of car
  • A type of cheese

The connection between the four things is that they all start with the letter “B”.

Connections (The New York Times):

  1. Online Puzzle Game: “Connections” is a puzzle game created by The New York Times, available through their website and apps for mobile devices.
  2. Format: In “Connections,” players are given a set of words or phrases and must organize them into four groups of four based on a shared connection. It’s a solo puzzle-solving game rather than a competitive quiz show.
  3. Daily Puzzles: “Connections” offers daily puzzles of varying difficulty levels that players can enjoy at their own pace.

In Connections, the player is given a grid of 16 words. The player must then identify four groups of four words that share a common theme. For example, a grid might contain the following words:

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Bird
  • Fish
  • Tree
  • Flower
  • House
  • Car
  • Book
  • Pen
  • Computer
  • Phone
  • Food
  • Drink
  • Money
  • Clothes

The player could then identify the following four groups of four words:

  • Animals: dog, cat, bird, fish
  • Plants: tree, flower
  • Objects: house, car, book, pen, computer, phone
  • Necessities: food, drink, money, clothes

Another difference between Only Connect and Connections is that Only Connect clues can be more complex and challenging. For example, a clue might be a series of riddles or a cryptic puzzle. Connections clues are generally more straightforward, but they can still be tricky to solve.

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Overall, Only Connect is a more challenging game than Connections. It is also a more social game, as it is played by teams. Connections is a more solitary game, but it is still a fun and challenging way to exercise your brain.


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