How to Play Connections Game: A Beginner’s Guide


Connections is an NYT game you can play every day where you find things that connect different words.Such as you can select a common thread between words. You need to pick four groups, each with four words, and try not to make more than four mistakes. The beta version of Connections started on June 12th.

How to Play NYT Connections Game:

Although there isn’t an official mobile app for the Connections game, you can still enjoy playing it on your Android, iPhone, or iPad by simply using a web browser. It’s important to note that while there are several apps in the App Store and Play Store with “connections game” in their titles, they are not genuine Connections games. While they may be fun to play, they are not the real deal if you’re looking for the authentic Connections experience. Also Check: How to Win Connections Game

To play the Connections game, you need to find four words that are related in some way. Tap or click on those four words and select “submit” to check if you’re right. But be careful! You can only make up to four mistakes. Each day, there are four groups of words to figure out, with the first group being the easiest and the last group being the trickiest.

Follow the given below guide to play the Connections game:

  1. First of all visit on Connections Game Site.
  2. Take a quick look at all the words available and see if any two or three words stand out as having something in common.
  3. Once you spot a connection, go back and try to find the third and fourth words that share the same connection.
  4. The difficulty levels of these are arranged as follows, from easiest to most challenging:
    1. Yellow
    2. Green
    3. Blue
    4. Purple
  5. If you select the first four correct words then the yellow color appears.
  6. If you select the all correct word then all remaining 3 colour will also highlighted.
  7. There is one puzzle to solve each day, and it resets at midnight local time. After completing a puzzle, you can check your results and see a countdown until the next puzzle becomes available.

Have fun playing Connections on NYT and challenge yourself to find the connections every day! This game is very good for your mind. Because in this game you can learn new words daily.


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